Createx and Creason Acoustics

Create beautiful acoustics with createx and creason

Siniat introduces createx and creason - our new range of acoustic plasterboard for the ultimate in acoustic comfort and beautiful aesthetics.
We spend 90% of our time indoors, and we should focus on making it a healthy and comfortable environment. This includes acoustic comfort and clean, fresh air.
createx and creason perforated plasterboard are trusted all over the world for their striking design and CAPT’AIR® clean air technology. These specialty perforated boards make a beautiful difference to the wellbeing of occupants in hotels, hospitals, airports, gyms, schools and residential developments.
Siniat's createx supersedes the Stratopanel range. The seamless perforated plasterboard provides the ultimate acoustic performance for stunning ceiling design. It is available in five perforation patterns.
Creason supersedes Designpanel. As with Designpanel, creason is easily installed alongside standard plasterboard. Creason is used for internal wall and ceiling lining applications where it is necessary to control sound reverberation and increase sound absorption. Available in two perforation patterns.


Siniat's createx supersedes Stratopanel. It is manufactured with high quality, ultra-sharp perforations in a variety of continuous perforated patterns for a seamless finish. Continuous perforations create a seamless appearance, making it the perfect acoustic solution for commercial public areas such as offices, shopping centres, airports, schools, hospitals, conference halls, lecture theatres and libraries.

createx can also be used in residential applications, e.g. in large media rooms where acoustic treatment will enhance the acoustic comfort of the space.

createx is used for internal wall and ceiling lining applications where control of sound absorption and reverberation time is required.

The V-edge makes application easy, and createx is supplied as a complete system with Siniat Wide Face Furring Channels and matching clips.

Available in five perforation patterns:
  • round R8/18
  • round R12/25
  • cube C12/25
  • dynamic D8-12
  • space S8-15-20
  •  Face Furring Channels and matching clips
  • Built-in air purifying active CAPT’AIR® technology to improve indoor air quality


Siniat's creason supersedes Designpanel. It is suitable for internal application, and most often used in ceilings. It can however also be used at the top of internal
walls (above traffic areas) where control of sound absorption
and reverberation time is required.

creason is perfect for use in high traffic residential areas, including schools, hospitals, the workplace and restaurants.

creason is available in two perforation patterns:

  • round R12/25
  • cube 12/25
Boards come with two longitudinal tapered edges and two transversal squared edges and is installed like regular plasterboard.

What is CAPT'AIR®?

Siniat CAPT’AIR® technology was developed after 4 years of intensive technical research by our research partners in Europe.

CAPT’AIR® technology has been added to the createx and creason perforated
board range and actively works to capture formaldehyde, improving the air quality within buildings.

Once installed, the CAPT’AIR® technology in createx and creason boards actively works to decompose formaldehyde emissions found in the air. A polymer inside the board reacts with harmful formaldehyde to create a safe compound that is absorbed back into the board, resulting in a safer environment in any interior space that it is installed.

Formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that is commonly
found in work and living spaces. This pollutant is known to increase health risks and impact our general wellbeing. Exposure to formaldehyde can lead to headaches, nausea, fatigue and respiratory issues.

Download the Createx and Creason technical manuals and updated Blueprint chapters

For more information on createx and creason, including the perforation patterns, acoustic performance and installation detail, download the createx and creason manuals from our website.

We have also published new Blueprint chapters, inclusive of installation detail, on our new acoustic range. These are also incorporated in the updated version of Blueprint, which can be download here.


To find out how the Siniat Acoustic Range will fit your project, complete the form below and one of our Technical Specification Managers will contact you to assist: