Don’t let mould put your project on hold!


Builders of townhouse and duplex complexes know that ongoing rainy conditions can be a real nightmare on site. The wet conditions can lead to mould forming on the party wall before roof stage and result in costly delays.

Once mould has formed on interstitial structures, the wet surfaces need to dry out and the mould cleaned off before the structure can be enclosed. When it’s wet, this may take weeks.

Siniat’s interhome is a popular separating wall system suitable for adjoining residential dwellings such as duplexes or townhouses. interhome is well-known for its ease of installation and the simple solution it provides when it comes to installing penetrations for electrical and plumbing services.

Siniat can now offer you a mould-resistant solution when installing interhome: intershield and multishield.


An important design element that sets interhome apart from conventional separating wall systems is the central fire barrier that typically incorporates Siniat shaftliner – a 25 mm fire resistant plasterboard made with a gypsum core with recycled blue liner paper.

intershield offers the same fire and acoustic performance as shaftliner but with the added benefit of superior mould and water resistance, significantly minimising the risk of interstitial mould in the built structure during and after construction.


Typically, fireshield is used to laminate the central fire barrier (incorporating shaftliner or intershield) in the interhome system, but Siniat recommends using multishield when the best protection against mould is required.

multishield is multipurpose board that comes standard with mould inhibitor. It is the preferred board for lamination of the central fire barrier.

multishield is a versatile board that is known in the market as a combination of fireshield and watershield. It offers fire- and water-resistant properties and has good acoustic properties.

multishield now has the added benefit of mould resistance, making it a robust board that can truly withstand the onslaught of the elements and fire.

When using the combination of intershield and multishield in the interhome system, you can be assured of the best protection against mould forming on the separating wall system during all stages of construction.

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