Choose Opal for the perfect finish to your project

Siniat’s Opal plasterboard is the ultimate choice for high-end residential projects that demand a near perfect seamless finish with reduced glancing light issues. Suitable for walls and ceilings, its pre-primed surface liner paper creates a smooth, premium surface finish that adds an elegant touch to any project.

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Siniat’s Opal plasterboard is a high-performance board suitable for walls and ceilings in high-end residential projects.

It’s pre-primed heavy duty surface liner paper helps to create a smooth surface, reducing the likelihood of those glancing light issues. This makes Opal the perfect choice for bright, open living areas such as dining rooms or alfresco areas.

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Glancing refers to light being cast along the face of a surface showing any minute undulation. As a result of this light being cast, a shadow is produced on the other side of the undulation.

This draws attention to surface texture variations, such as plasterboard joints and patches, which under more diffused light would not be visible.

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Opal plasterboard has the added benefit of being a certified carbon neutral product that can help reduce the embodied carbon of the build.

Siniat offers the Opt2Act opt-in carbon neutral program on a wide range of plasterboard and metal products. The specific products opted-in are certified by the Australian Government’s Climate Active as Carbon Neutral.

Opal is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active in its own right, which means that customers do not have to opt-in; Opal comes carbon neutral as standard. It is also certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A. 

Opal’s high-density gypsum core delivers enhanced sound insulation for superior acoustic comfort that creates a peaceful indoor environment.

The denser core further improves its impact resistance; Opal is up to six times less prone to impact damage compared to standard 10mm plasterboard. This adds durability to high-traffic areas such as stairs, corridors and rumpus and children’s playrooms.



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