Weather Defence™: Any weather as long as it's purple!

Weather Defence™ is a rigid air barrier board used behind facade cladding systems to create a pressure equalised cavity for rain screen and ventilated facade systems. It is the quickest way to achieve a weathertight building, and offers an array of design benefits.
Build safer, quicker and smarter with Weather Defence™!

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Park Sydney Project, Sydney.

WD Components
Weather Defence forms part of the ventilated facade system.
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Weather Defence™, now proudly distributed by Siniat in Australia, has revolutionised building envelope construction and performance.

Weather Defence™ is a rigid air barrier that is used behind facade cladding systems to create a pressure equalised cavity.

One of the best features of Weather Defence™ is that it provides the quickest way to achieve a weathertight building, allowing internal trades to start their work earlier and thereby reducing the construction cycle. This saves builders and contractors valuable time on site.

Weather Defence™ is a great alternative to cement-based external sheathing boards. It is safe and easy to work with, and saves valuable time. The board can be simply be scored and snapped and there is no silica dust risk.

Its excellent vapour permeability makes Weather Defence™ suitable for cold climates. It is classified as vapour permeable Class 4 and is recommended for use in Climate Zones 2 to 8. In Climate Zone 1, it is recommended to apply a vapour barrier over the external surface. 

Safer, quicker and smarter with Siniat's Weather Defence™!

Weather Defence™ is easy, safe and quick to install. The installation benefits include:

  • Projects can be closed in from the weather early. Weather Defence™ offers up to 12 months exposure to the elements.
  • It is up to 50% faster to install Weather Defence than cement-based boards.
  • No power tools needed! Simply score and snap with a retractable knife. Easy to cut in situ.
    The purple matt liner is non-woven and non-itch.
  • Easily sealed with Pro Clima tape to form airtight junctions around complex details.
  • An additional pliable membrane may not be required, Climate Zone 1 excepted.

WD Components


Weather Defence™ boards supplied by Siniat are 13mm thick, 1200mm wide and 2400mm long. The boards come with a distinctive purple fleece liner paper.

WD Board


Siniat also supplies the following Weather Defence™ screws:

  • 6g x 38mm Weather Defence™ Screw - Fine thread drill point screw (for installation to metal framing)

  • 6g x 42mm Weather Defence™ Screw - Coarse thread needle point screw (for installation to timber framing)

    Weather Defence screw 6g x 38mm (1)


The following tapes are supplied by Pro Clima for the fixing of the joints: 

  • Pro Clima Tescon Extora® Flashing Tape in widths of 60mm (for jointing) and 100mm and 150mm (for vertical control joints, internal and external corners, sides and top of openings).
  • Pro Clima Tescon Extoseal® Sill Tape in widths of 150 mm (for 92 mm stud frame sills) and 200 mm (for 150 mm stud frame sills)
  • Pro Clima Tescon® WS Wet Seal Connection Tape in a width of 38mm for sealant around external openings.Pro Clima Tapes


The following properties make Weather Defence™ rigid air barrier boards a more sustainable choice:

  • The gypsum core is low in embodied carbon and completely recyclable
  • Minimal packaging
  • The improved airtightness helps contribute to a building’s energy efficiency.
  • Ventilated facade improves durability of the system by keeping external cladding dry.

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